“I was captivated by their energetic performance and stunning melodies.”
-Aimless Skylarking

“a compendium of influences and inspirations that cross genres and draw heavily from various strains of Americana, pop and rock.”
-Joshua Pickard,

“it’s almost as though there are two Red Westerns out there, haunting the barrooms and clubs of the East End and South Side.”
-Michael Machosky, TribLive

“split personality between alt-country, indie-pop and power-pop”
-Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“It looks crazy on the surface, but it’s actually a savvy move to get the band’s music heard.”
-Mike Shanley, Pittsburgh City Paper

“a collection of breezy indie pop tracks (“Sirens“) complimented by complex, guitar heavy rhythms (“Arrows”)”
-Leah Kennedy, Nak You Out

“Passionate and playful, The Red Western’s “Sirens” is a gem of an EP.”
-Sound Scene Express

With a commanding lead vocal from Lauren DeLorenze and impressive instrumentation front to back, we believe Sirens to be one of the first great releases of 2016, and we can tell you now that its counterpart in Arrows is just as good.”
Brian Leak, Under The Gun Review

“Love For Free” is “a favorite around the WYEP studios”
Joey Spehar, WYEP

“…increasingly toeing the line between alt-country and power-pop”
Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“…they can agree on some things”
Andy Mulkerin, Pittsburgh City Paper

“Their guitar player…plays like Tom Verlaine over country”
– 1,2,3, a band.

“11 tracks of largely upbeat country-rock featuring the vocals of the more-than-capable Lauren DeLorenze”
Andy Mulkerin, Pittsburgh City Paper

 These guys at think you need to come see The Red Western if you’re going to experience Pittsburgh “the right way”.
The Interrobang

“Nice harmonies going on.”
Hugh Twyman, Hugh Shows


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